Hunts Point Town Hall Seismic Assessment

Town of Hunts Point | Hunts Point, WA

  • Client
  • Town of Hunts Point
  • Location
  • Hunts Point, WA

Project Overview

In 2012, the Town of Hunts Point, WA engaged OAC’s structural team to provide an assessment of their existing town hall structure. The Town was concerned about the ability of the Town Hall, originally constructed in 1976, to function as an essential facility following a large magnitude seismic event. They were also interested to learn more about expected performance during a design level wind event.

Original plans available for the building lacked the information to describe the lateral force resisting system in great detail. The Hunts Point Town Hall building is a relatively simple single story building of light-frame wood construction supported on a concrete slab on grade and continuous perimeter strip footings. Roof and shearwall diaphragms and their connectivity to vertical lateral load resisting elements were a primary concern.

OAC’s structural engineers started with a detailed investigation of the structure, which included visual assessment and a limited destructive testing to expose nailing patterns, and lateral load carrying fasteners such as anchor bolts and straps.

OAC followed the investigation with a two-pronged assessment including Tier 1 seismic screening per ASCE 3103 and a UBC lateral load analysis for wind and seismic forces. A cost estimate was prepared based on the preliminary upgrade scope generated by the analyses. Findings were summarized in a report and subsequently in a presentation to the City Council.

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