REVO 225 Building

Project Overview

The REVO 225 building is a four story structure, constructed with three wood-framed levels over a post tensioned concrete pedestal. An across the board failure of REVO 225 plaza’s horizontal waterproofing caused extensive water and mold damage to several units and common areas.

OAC determined that a breach at base of wall transitions was leading to water intrusion beneath cold joints in the concrete curbs. In some instances this meant that water was trapped between layers of the interior floor assembly (rigid insulation/topping slab/finish floors). The challenge was to identify the extents of water intrusion under the flooring and thus minimize the disturbance to occupants. OAC developed a phased approach to conduct the interior investigation. Removing flooring and sub-flooring was almost always necessary. OAC was often able to limit this to a few square-feet. In some instances, it was necessary to move tenants to temporary units. OAC’s scope of repair anticipated this and provisions were already in-place to minimize the impact to occupants. Prior to closing up any interior finishes the plaza waterproofing was replaced and tested for water-tightness.

REVO 225 Building

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