OAC and partners work with Quilcene School District to develop a new outdoor learning environment for collaborative experiences that students and the community can enjoy.

The people of our local communities mean everything to OAC. Continuously learning and staying committed to the belief that better is always possible is at OAC’s core. Through partnerships with like-minded people and businesses, we’re in pursuit of generating positive change where we all live, work, learn, and play. This summer we had the opportunity to partake in our largest volunteer endeavor to date.

Quilcene School District was on a mission to create a physical learning environment that would bring an engaging and collaborative educational experience for students and the community. The solution? Repurposing an old maintenance building and bus barn that would soon become an outdoor learning center. OAC joined forces with several partners and the district to make it happen.

To get started, the district brought together a team of students to help envision how a space like this could enhance their learning experience. OAC utilized our construction management experience to bring together some of the best architects, engineers, and builders in the business as volunteers to brainstorm ways we could give the district’s Career and Technical Educational Agriculture program a new home.

When the work began in August, the plan included renovations to the main structure and landscaping, solar panels to demonstrate sustainable technologies, and a new wooden pavilion. The old bus barn would get a fresh coat of paint, a new metal roof, concrete flooring, updated electrical, and sliding barn-style doors. Newly planted trees, shrubs, and grass would create an inviting landscape to tie the whole look together.

Over $750,000 in cash donations, materials, and labor was raised during the 5-week project, with 1,400+ volunteer hours. Students, community members, partners, district alum, and OAC team members donated their time, efforts, musical talents, and food for this display of altruism. The amazing outdoor learning space will no doubt facilitate life-long learning and collaboration for all to enjoy.

Thank you to our OAC team members and everyone who worked with us to make better happen in Quilcene’s community – Washington Patriot Construction, TCF Architects, Mithun, BCE Engineers, Coughlin Porter Lundeen, Lydig Construction, Lease Crutcher Lewis, Jefferson Healthcare, Bassetti Architects, PCS Structural Solutions, WB Manufacturing, Teracon, McGranahan, Spee West, Northshore Exteriors, Rodger Evans Fund, Valley Electric, Integrus Architecture, SBI, Weisman Design Group, and Quilcene School District for their incredible partnership. The district says, “The last few years have been challenging and we’re hoping that this will be the catalyst to bring our community back to the campus and create something meaningful that will impact every student, every day.” We expect nothing less from this impactful new learning center.

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