Preserving building aesthetics

For 4 years, the Cristalla Condominiums experienced issues related to the building enclosure and exterior cladding, the most significant being a series of leaks. Naturally, we rolled up our sleeves to investigate, and we found several deficiencies in the curtain wall system, and identified leaks at the main roof, throughout the plaza, and at the penthouse deck.

With the OAC solution, we developed a scope of repair to fix flaws in the original construction causing the leaks, create allowance replacements, and collect samples, removing the “guesswork,” and the contractor was able to match and order the extrusions long before the repairs began. Additionally, our team of experts developed a full set of project-specific drawings and specifications and obtained the permit prior construction, which shortened the overall project schedule.

The roof presented a new set of challenges, starting at the beginning of the wettest winter on record in the area. Even more challenging, as the main roof was demolished, we discovered that it held an enormous amount of trapped moisture and that the concrete roof deck was saturated. With the short working window, we developed a protocol for drying out the roof deck that included third party membrane adhesion tests.

After accounting for additive and deductive change orders, the final cost of construction was below the original bid, a testament to the completeness of our team’s design documents.