Transparent approach

OAC acted as the insurance liaison in a recent data center project, in addition to our construction management services, and led mitigation planning.

We led the effort to determine the root cause of a failed pump design that caused 20,000 gallons of water to back up and flood the core of the data center. The heart of the building consists of network and electrical rooms, and generators that support the entire data center. Through our transparent approach, we ensured all concerns were addressed and engaged the designer, contractor, and engineer to determine the underlying cause and collaborated on the mitigation plan.

The plan included cleaning, rebuilding, and testing the Building 1 core in tandem to finish the second data center core and to construct an administrative building. Lessons learned were immediately used on the second data center to ensure the pump in that building would not fail. Once Building 1 and the administrative building completed commissioning, the entire building campus moved forward with substantial completion on the same day. Through a well-orchestrated turnover and closeout plan, open communication, and performance monitoring of the general contractor, all spaces got turned over on the same day with less than 10 items on the punch list. Our client and their facility operations team gladly accepted all of the space with no issues.