The City of Everett has experienced booming growth over the past years, and the existing courthouse was half the size it needed to be. To address their growing needs, the city hired OAC to oversee the consultant selection and design coordination for the municipal court building. Everett’s primary goals for the project were to enrich the building’s environment by bringing more daylight into occupied spaces, maintain the project budget, and develop a modern yet practical design solution. To maintain courthouse operations during construction, the project was split into 2 phases, with the existing facility remaining active while the new structure was built around it.  

The project was designed with sustainability at the forefront, and that attention to detail and care for the people of Everett was seen in the completed building. No stone was left unturned, and the design was thoughtfully curated with the community top of mind. Advanced lighting and HVAC control systems and careful attention to minimizing indoor pollution sources assisted in achieving the goal of maximizing day lighting of occupied spaces. 

The project was recognized for achieving LEED Silver certification, a win for the city. This achievement not only affirms the city’s dedication to sustainability, but also minimizes both embodied and future emissions and allows for a decreased use in utilities. Another fruitful benefit of this? A healthier and more productive environment for staff and visitors. All goals were achieved, with no interruptions to the court. A final bonus? The project was delivered under budget. 

A win for our client is a win for us, and the new Everett courthouse is something to be celebrated.