Turnkey project management services and healthcare expertise for better outcomes

OAC is providing turnkey project management assistance from early design through transitioning and occupancy. Our scope of services focuses is on financials, equipment, design, scheduling, and operational engagement. OAC has approached the project from a leadership perspective rather than a facilitator role. As such, the client benefits from all of OAC’s healthcare expertise, while freeing up their internal resources.

OAC pushed to design the building to meet Clean Building Act standards, resulting in immediate project savings of over $250,000. This approach also ensures long-term advances by eliminating the risk of governmental non-compliance fees and reducing monthly operational/utility costs.

This project involves a hybrid development model, bringing together a public health entity with a private developer and construction team. This marriage between sectors has made for a steep learning curve, which OAC plays a crucial role in facilitating a smooth integration.

OAC has taken on the “day-to-day job” of planning and engaging with operational stakeholders on behalf of the healthcare system. OAC is operating as an extension of the hospital within this project, going beyond traditional tracking, reporting, and advising mechanisms to meet the project’s needs.