First high school addition in Spokane County in 20+ years

Ridgeline High School is the final capstone project of Central Valley School District’s (CVSD) 2018 bond measures. It also happens to be the first new high school in the Spokane area in 24 years. And from the beginning, OAC was there to see it through. Our team of experts led the effort for an early site package that allowed the general contractor to build the structure through the winter of 2019, keeping the project on track for timely completion.

A tremendous amount of coordination, communication, and planning was required for delivery. OAC was the driving force. We successfully extracted all necessary information from appropriate parties and applied a “lessons learned” approach for the best outcome.

Supporting the district in making their vision come to life and creating a place that will positively impact the future of tomorrow’s learners isn’t just our job, it’s our passion. Completed on schedule, the school was ready to welcome students in the fall. Ridgeline High School will allow more students in the CVSD to have better learning opportunities in a spacious and welcoming learning environment.