A campus that restores employees and the built environment

Putting their employees’ in the center of creating life-changing innovations, the 33-acre, Mountain View Campus focuses on employee well-being, productivity, and inclusivity. It welcomes environmental responsibilities and resource efficiency, promoting a greener and brighter California. In a region where extraordinary innovation and entrepreneurship doesn’t stop, these designs keep the right balance between work and well-being effortless.

At OAC, doing things differently is in our blood. Our relationship with this confidential client started over 25 years ago, completing more than 100 projects throughout the West Coast and beyond. Through preconstruction, design, and procurement, value engineering, budget oversight, and schedule management, we’re revolutionizing the typical office space for ultimate optimization.

Together, we’ve built a campus that benefits from all life elements, promoting healthy, regenerative lifestyles and spaces for employees and natural ecosystems—Targeting LEED Platinum, Net Zero Water per the Living Building Challenge, and WELL Building.