Digital Design + Construction generates superior performances.
Leveraging analysis for better project outcomes.
Proactively communicating analysis with our clients.

We leverage expertise and technology to identify risks and maximize project performance.


You deserve better analytics on your project for more predictable outcomes. Digital delivery improves financial forecasting and data-driven decisions. OAC’s Advanced Project Controls utilizes project data to analyze projects and forecast project cost and schedules. Our analysis identifies cost, schedule, and productivity risks—before the first shovel breaks ground.

Advanced Analysis Tools

You’ll have peace of mind knowing and understanding your project’s status.

OAC provides cashflow, regression, and productivity analysis on top of the classic budget and schedule management. From conceptual design through construction to occupancy, we take a digital delivery approach with Advanced Project Controls. We’ve developed these techniques to meet our clients’ business needs.

Collaborative Project Teams

You can choose to have a “boots-on-the-ground,” hybrid, or digital team.

OAC’s professionals collaborate with stakeholders in the way they need. We’ll help you develop a baseline for measuring performance and the successful execution of the project. Tell us your priorities and we’ll adapt.

Knowledge at Your Fingertips

Your situational awareness is our business.

OAC’s Advanced Project Controls supports our clients’ day-to-day business with data secure platforms. We can process your critical project data and verify it is managed sustainably and securely.


A schedule that no one understands is of no benefit to a project. A well-developed schedule provides an excellent tool for a project owner to manage an entire program or project, to communicate risks and opportunities to the team, and evaluate key decisions. Realistic schedule forecasting and analytics increases the probability for projects to be delivered on time and on budget. OAC is here to help you develop a master schedule, schedule specification, CPM baseline schedule, or conduct CPM schedule progress updates or analysis.

Cost Management

Cost management, including budget development assistance combined with budget vs. actual monthly reporting, ensures any project remains on schedule with the expected costs and no unwanted surprises. This also assures the design and construction teams will be responsive and accountable to the project budgets and the scope of work approved by the project owner. Connect with us to learn more about cash flow forecast and regression analysis, worker productivity analysis, independent estimates, and more.

Design Collaboration and Precision

Design collaboration and precision help create sustainable projects by limiting the amount of materials that need to be ordered for any given project. Materials can be fully sourced and accounted for well in advance of a build, reducing the risk of costly delays and dramatically cutting down on material waste and supply chain issues. From supply chain forecasting to digital twin consultation or BIM execution planning and consulting, OAC has the experience to help you take the design of your project to the next level.

Risk Analysis

Risk analysis gives advanced insight to develop countermeasures and contingencies that improve outcomes. Rigorous evaluation confronts assumptions about schedules, supplies, and materials.  Project teams can then understand and visualize how factors like transit, weather, and construction location can impact budget or schedule. OAC offers risk register development services, as well as risk analysis for cost and schedule, for schedule logic and durations, and for reference class modeling.

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