Join Steve Murakami and Ashley McClaran at WASBO’s Facilities Networking Group Meeting to learn more about their expertise regarding facility needs and operations as students return to school during COVID-19.

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Steve Murakami
Vice President

As a respected leader in the K12 design and construction field, Steve brings passion, experience, and leadership to OAC’s K12 team.

With more than 20 years of experience working as a contractor, designer, and director/COO of a public school district, Steve brings an interdisciplinary perspective to each project. Steve is joining OAC’s K12 team to support the Lake Washington School District’s bond program. Steve’s passion for school design and construction exemplifies how OAC manages and delivers projects.

Ashley McClaran
Program Manager

For nearly 20 years Ashley has developed a varied portfolio of projects all with a common thread: children and families.

Ashley’s background in architecture and experience with community-based programs supporting diverse user groups informs her work in community engagement and strategic planning. Her practice varies vary widely from museums to universities, but her love and expertise lie most recently in design and construction management to transform learning environments throughout the US. With emphasis on collaboration, organization, and communication Ashley consistently exceeds program goals.