OAC’s team of professionals are experienced in facilitating better learning environments.


The school planning and construction process is complex, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. From bond planning to space planning to community engagement, it takes an experienced team of construction professionals to make learning environments.

OAC has managed and helped turn around challenging school-building projects. Our education team proudly supports facilities serving more than 750,000 students. In fact, we understand it’s not just about construction. Our team is so passionate about education, that we help frame the conversation on how facilities can better provide for students and educational delivery.


OAC recognizes the future begins where people learn and teach. We work closely with project stakeholders. Recognized partners with local governments, school boards, school administration, and the community as a whole, we seek to align values, foster cooperation, and build facilities that improve educational outcomes for all.

Bond Planning

We make bond planning fun. OAC understands the components of a successful K-12 project and what it costs. We put that knowledge together in a package that allows our clients to engage in an open conversation about priorities and cost, timing and values. School bond planning requires a solid vision for what a facility will be, along with clear messaging for the benefits a new and improved facility will have for students, families, and the entire community. We have extensive experience working with communities to develop and implement strong messaging plans to make sure projects are efficient, forward-looking, and worthy of taxpayer approval.

Adaptable Learning Environments

Schools do more than house students. From designs that enhance an area aesthetically, to providing spaces for organizations to meet and sports teams to play, they are a valuable and safe resource for entire communities. At OAC, we understand that flexible spaces empower educators while minimizing future construction costs.

Higher Education

OAC empowers colleges, trade schools, and universities to expand, refresh, and build their campuses in ways that inspire learning, growth, and community engagement. This is mainly done with our expertise of the General Contractor/Construction Manager (GC/CM) and Progressive Design Build (PDB) delivery methods.


From facilities and bond planning support to design, construction, and life cycle operation of adaptable learning environments, OAC helps connect K-12 and higher education owners with the resources they need to operate and thrive in the future.


Our education teams listen and collaborate with superintendents, staff, and communities to make better happen together.

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