A space for dreamers and innovators

Attracting the best from around the globe, the Steve Ballmer Global Innovation Exchange Building (GIX) is a 3 story, 100,000-square-feet, leading-edge facility, dedicated to finding solutions to global challenges such as health, sustainability, and social equity.

As a think tank for innovation, GIX promotes new ideas and methods of tackling some of the world’s biggest problems. For OAC, this project represented new challenges that led to new solutions, which made the entire design and construction process a reflection of the very purpose of why we built it. Through budget management, landlord coordination, cost analysis, and bringing everyone to the table, our team of experts guided this $18-million interior build-out to achieve program goals.

GIX offers the innovators, teachers, learners, and dreamers a mixture of adaptable laboratories, maker spaces, work studios, and idea incubators to bring their curiosity, drive, and creativity to make an impact on the world.