OAC’s multi-disciplinary team of experienced professionals knows what it takes to build on time and on budget.


Leading companies deserve a trusted partner who can create a space reflecting their unique needs, culture, and vision for growth. OAC is all about innovation. We help tech giants, hospitality trendsetters, equity investment partners, and other leading commercial developers push the boundaries of what is possible.

We’re also well-versed in all the details required to achieve the big picture. We provide end-to-end project leadership from initial concept, through occupancy and operation. We understand that any one piece can make or break a project’s success, which is why we have a team with knowledge and expertise in all aspects of commercial design and construction.


Leading companies require partners who can create workplaces reflecting their unique needs, culture, and vision. Real estate developers are responding to new end-user requirements and need partners who have the know-how to revamp legacy buildings into sustainable smart environments and manage infill construction projects.

OAC is that partner. We know through experience how to deliver big picture goals and outcomes by diligently managing all the project details from concept through occupancy.

Critical Facilities

Data center providers deserve a partner with the experience and knowledge to create facilities that will keep their data and equipment protected and secure, all while meeting the strictest regulations and confidentiality requirements.

OAC has partnered with some of the largest enterprise data center providers in the world to meet and exceed their business goals. We are proud to be a firm that prioritizes client and customer confidentiality and security.

Equity Partner Representation

Lenders and equity partners deserve to have confidence that their capital investments are well-managed.

OAC’s team of experienced design and construction professionals serve as their eyes and ears on projects. Our teams are key to building trust and confidence through the repeated delivery of predictable outcomes.

Research & Development Tech Laboratories

Technology companies invest heavily in advanced lab facilities to perform research and development. These specialized spaces and equipment require the latest technology in tightly controlled environments.

OAC has deep experience working with the largest tech companies in the world in all types of lab spaces. Our team of specialists has real experience in complex lab builds, equipment installations, and lifecycle services.


Residential construction is the backbone of a healthy community. We have an extensive track record of helping building owners achieve their goals of providing quality housing on-time and on-budget.


For decades, we have worked collaboratively with our clients to successfully deliver millions of square feet of corporate workspace, critical facilities, and specialty labs.


Our teams seamlessly integrate with clients and communities from coast to coast to make better happen together.

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