7+ weeks ahead of schedule

Anderson Park Hotel is a 6-story, 177-room hotel, located in downtown Redmond. The property brings the PNW lifestyle to life! With its purposeful design, guests and community members get a centralized and connected experience that makes for unforgettable stay and returned travel to the Northwest.

Pre-fabrication was an exciting client desire to achieve an accelerated schedule. To make this a reality, OAC helped develop the protocol for off-site, controlled waterproofing and window installation in pre-fabricated exterior wall panels. We coordinated waterproofing products and shipping protocols with the design and construction teams to ensure integrity was maintained until the panels were permanently installed.

OAC provided quality assurance oversight of the enclosure components, verifying that the installation was in conformance with the design documents. Where discrepancies were noted, we helped the construction team develop timely details that allowed the project to progress. And when it was time to wrap up the water- and air-barrier, the project was over 7 weeks ahead of schedule.