Our suite of Built Environment Intelligence services can be utilized on your project's entire life cycle and are focused on improving the performance of the process and outcomes for our clients.

Advanced Project

Advanced Project Controls is a data-driven analytical approach that encompasses the entire process of designing, building, operating, and maintaining both on and off site. Through data analysis OAC is able to communicate trends and patterns to owners, designers, and builders in order to forecast outcomes.

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The sustainability of construction projects is a necessary focus. It can also seem daunting from a cost and expertise standpoint. We are well-versed in the large and small elements that make building and maintaining a project more sustainable, and we can help navigate any challenges that arise from being environmentally responsible during the design, build, and occupy process.

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Design-Forward Construction Management (DFCM)

DFCM is founded on the premise that all great built environments have great designs. DFCM brings information, expertise, and data to the design, improving decisions, quality, and reducing risk and uncertainty. OAC’s best designers and builders have collaborated to develop this process, which focuses on the design, elements and systems of your project, reducing cost, duration, and risk through improved quality.

Data-Driven Approach

OAC’s designers and builders have collaborated on an approach that focuses on the identification of elements and systems of your project to increase predictability, build digitally, and shorten build time. In today’s technologically demanding projects, this approach leverages expertise and technology to provide your team with the facts to make the right decision ahead of time.

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