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Bothell, WA
13,700 Sq. Ft.

Do you want a better outcome for your construction and design project? We do. We’ll get your project up and running—or back on track.

Program Management

We are the experienced partner you need to oversee multiple projects of varying sizes — from an entire capital project to a bond program to anything in between. Our big-picture thinking allows us to plan multiple projects in a way that helps our clients strategize, achieve overarching program objectives, and maximize both time and budget across projects. It’s challenging and complex—and we love it.

Project Management

We apply proven management and communication techniques to the planning, design and construction of a project from inception to completion. As always, our approach is tailored to each client and their goals, and can be adapted to any and all phases of a project, from site selection and bid to construction and occupancy, we do it all, and we do it right. Trust us, your project is in good hands.

Owner Representation

If you’re a project owner who needs eyes and ears on the ground, we can help with that.

With technical expertise in construction, real estate, and architecture, we can manage relationships with all the various players and stakeholders involved in a project: general contractors, architects, construction companies, municipal authorities, and financial institutions. We’ll represent you throughout the development process and monitor various tasks associated with the project, making sure they stay on time and on budget.

Construction Intelligence

We’re singularly focused on the best outcomes possible—and that means diligent measuring, tracking, and reporting on every project. We’re big fans of data in ensuring we achieve the outcomes our clients are looking for. By using a range of tools, techniques, and technology from AI to VR to BIM, we’re able to provide unique analysis and deliver predictable outcomes. We use data and metrics to inform risk registers and project dashboards to understand trends and proactively identify issues before they become issues.

Alternative Delivery

We’re pioneers of Alternative Delivery at OAC. Our principals were the first to bring this delivery method to Washington State—and we’ve since established ourselves as recognized experts in managing Alternative Delivery projects. If you’re looking for an Alternative Delivery specialist, you’re in the right place.

“Their direct experience and deep knowledge of both the design and construction industries and positive, enthusiastic attitudes create a vibrant, collaborative process to their project leadership with owners, architects, consultants and contractors.”
Lawrence Parrett, AIA, MBA , Principal, NBBJ
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