Turning hindsight into foresight

Constructed in the late 1990s, the New Holly Housing Community, Phase 1 campus is made up of 144, 2-story buildings. The Seattle Housing Authority (SHA) knew that these buildings had enclosure issues but didn’t know the extent of the damage. To find a solution, our team conducted a facility assessment.

Based on our findings, SHA determined that it was time to replace the exterior components for the entire complex, including siding, windows, and roofing. Our team provided a full set of project-specific drawings and specifications for bidding, permitting, and construction. The City of Seattle required a separate permit for each building. From inception to completion, we were there to help manage this process.

OAC identified the buildings and conditions that had issues with water intrusion and hidden damage. After investigating 20 buildings, we discovered significant structural damage at several of them. Together, OAC and SHA decided that the initial investigation had potentially skewed towards damaged units, and an additional investigation was warranted to obtain a more accurate diagnosis of the actual damage. We compiled our findings and prepared a final report for SHA’s use to help guide repairs and decision-making.