Future-ready solutions

We love our partnerships, and it shows with Luna Apartments. Thanks to Madison Development Group for turning to us for this mixed-use development project, Luna Apartments was able to learn how to mitigate water and thermal risks. Luna Apartments is composed of 5 wood-framed residential buildings constructed over a concrete podium. In places, the top of the podium acted as a roof for the grocery store below.

This presented unique challenges with waterproofing and thermal properties. To mitigate these issues, OAC produced a permit-level set of building enclosure drawings in less than 1 month to meet the 2012 Seattle Building Code change before submittal. Our team of building enclosure specialists provided a stand-alone building enclosure set of drawings/details, specification review, product recommendations, construction observations, contract administration, and testing services.

While maintaining a high level of quality control, OAC completed the work on time and under the original fee estimate. The outcome? The client was delivered an architecturally unique project with an open-joint rainscreen that is water- and air-tight—and set to perform for years to come.