Teaching and learning meets collaboration and innovation

The 83,000-square-feet, Spark, digital classroom ignites learning and unleashes creativity. Packed with audiovisual systems and spaces like a media studio with 3D printers, a faculty and student innovation studio, and a unique 250-seat “teaching in the round” classroom with a 360-degree projection screen allows for a seamless transition from a lecture to group discussion.

OAC kept the momentum alive from procuring the design-build delivery method, developing RFQ’s and RFP’s, and working collaboratively to identify more than $5 million in cost savings without changes to program requirements. Through lean construction strategies, including pull-planning, short interval production schedules, and iterative cost verification, we hit all project milestones and completed the project $127,000 under budget.

The innovation hub offers unique opportunities to explore the evolving teaching methods and learning that students and teachers will benefit from for generations.