This event was part 1 of OAC’s 3-part webinar series, Continuing Construction Through a Pandemic. Join OAC’s Steve Murakami and Alex Hofto as they share the latest site-access management techniques being used at their active projects. Learn how technology and current safety practices are impacting costs and schedules, while also keeping teams safe and productive.

Check out this OAC webinar video here.

Steve Murakami
OAC Senior Associate

As a respected leader in the K12 design and construction field, Steve brings passion, experience, and leadership to OAC’s K12 team. With more than 20 years of experience working as a contractor, designer, and director/COO of a public school district, Steve brings an interdisciplinary perspective to each project. Steve is joining OAC’s K12 team to support the Lake Washington School District’s bond program. Steve’s passion for school design and construction exemplifies how OAC manages and delivers projects.

Alex Hofto
OAC Senior Program Manager

Focused on how program management can streamline project delivery and improve client relations, Alex is a dedicated owner’s representative. With more than 16 years of experience, his leadership skills and focus on clear communications have served projects requiring complex phasing and strategic coordination. During his free time, Alex likes to explore his new home, Los Angeles, with his wife and kids.