This event was part 2 of OAC’s 3-part webinar series, Continuing Construction Through a Pandemic. Learn from Derek Rae and Brent Wilcox as they discuss their direct experiences on current essential jobsites and how to keep them safe.

Check out this OAC webinar video here.

Derek Rae

Derek Rae
OAC Sr. Vice President

Widely recognized as a leading expert in the union of construction and project management, Derek leads OAC Services’ healthcare and biomedical market sector. An experienced owner’s representative, construction manager and communicator, he focuses on converting complex projects into collaborative successes and meets client objectives through his unmatched management expertise

Brent Wilcox
OAC Senior Project Manager

As a problem solver and strategic planner, Brent enjoys the challenges of a complex project. He is well versed in the sensitivities of construction in an occupied healthcare facility and has an innate ability to bring together the stakeholders to plan around daily operations in an effort to minimize impact on doctors, nurses, and patients. He serves his clients by asking questions and actively listening to understand their needs and goals then leading his teams by example to deliver a successful project.