Inclusion Council

Welcome to the Inclusion Council! This page is intended to provide more information about the team that was formed in February 2020 to address diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging priorities at OAC. We’re pleased you’ve chosen to visit this page to learn more about our purpose, values, and the action we will be taking to make OAC a more inclusive place for all.


Our “What”

This Council has been appointed to create a positive environment; encourage diverse recruitment and retention policies; educate OAC leadership and the firm; and ensure DEI&B measurability of all practices.


Our “Why”

We believe innovation is born of a continual flow of diverse ideas sourced from an attitude that reflects our passion for people and how different people are, the practice of which assures all individual employees’ sense of belonging and the well-being of the entire company.


Our “How”

This Council will perform its purpose through loving ideas, energetic engagement, audacious learning, and data-oriented decision-making.

We know our Inclusion plan is successful when every person at OAC not only feels included but feels a genuine sense of belonging at the firm. This means not only allowing people to express their true selves but also relying on people to share this expression. Everyone has a place at OAC because true belonging is based on diverse perspectives.

A Little Background

The Leadership Team decided to prioritize Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEI&B) in the formation and continuation of OAC initiatives moving forward.

DEI&B all align with OAC’s core values – Love, Energy, Audacity & Proof (LEAP), our employees and bettering the business as well as the personal values of the Leadership Team. Let’s take a closer look at what DEI&B really mean:

  • Diversity is a tangible, measurable variety of people and experiences within the company, including ethnicity, religion, gender, ethnic heritage, backgrounds and experiences, personalities, age, orientation, and character traits.
  • Equity means allowing and enabling all employees to have access to the same opportunities and resources that grow their careers based on their abilities and experience as well as the support to succeed and grow professionally.
  • Inclusion is a practice, a process, through which participants actively engage others in their activities or business through outreach and openness. Inclusion is about not only inviting someone to the party but asking that person to dance.
  • Belonging is a feeling that manifests from practicing diversity- and equity-inclusive practices. Belonging means being a part of something; feeling listened to and understood; feeling respected and acknowledged; and being of some commitment to the whole. Belonging is the highest state of being included.