At OAC, we’re always striving to build better project outcomes. What kinds of outcomes? Projects delivered ahead of schedule, under budget, and with clients’ peace of mind knowing their project is in good hands.

But, how do we get there? In our 67+ years since inception, we’ve found that it can’t be done without maximizing proven processes, employing the latest technologies, and thinking innovatively to bring improved outcomes to our clients.

That brings us to “digital twin.” You may have heard us use the term before – because quite frankly, we can’t stop talking about it. We’re seeing the technology revolutionize the construction industry and transform our project management process. From pre-design to closeout, it’s improving both the quality and control of our projects’ design and delivery throughout the entire life cycle.

Digital twin is also reducing the risk and rework that is costing our clients time and money. From new builds to renovation projects, the opportunities for application are endless. As part of the Digital Twin Consortium, OAC is at the center of facilitating the next step in design and building technology.

How does it work exactly? OAC’s team of savvy tech experts use BIM technology to design and build a digital 3D model first. The technology takes real-time data and computer modeling and creates a digital representation of a physical object. This is used to improve the predictability and refinement before an actual build takes place. We then use this replica to validate its constructability before assembling the physical twin during construction.

The ability to do upfront planning before actual construction allows buildings to go up much more efficiently – and more sustainably – than they normally would. It also provides clients with a rendering that is easier to understand, creating better collaboration and communication between all stakeholders involved.

Employing the latest technologies isn’t just good practice, it’s essential to advancing the construction industry. Digital twin isn’t a shiny new technology that’s going away anytime soon. We’ve seen it transform our projects firsthand. To fully benefit the industry as a whole, it needs to be adopted and embraced by all—and we can help get you there.

If you’re interested in learning more or employing this cutting-edge technology on your next project, we’d love to hear from you ([email protected]).


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