$4 million in total savings

Building upon our 10+ year relationship with Virginia Mason (VM), we joined the 45,000-square-feet Bellevue Ambulatory Surgery Center project at concept planning to provide construction financing and advice, leading VM through design, procurement, and LEAN planning. We held integrated design events for the new medical center within each practice group. We collaborated with department directors, design teams, advanced imaging experts, and technical equipment providers while meeting strict healthcare requirements to move the project forward.

We faced a volatile construction market during the pricing of this project. Still, our team worked with the executives and the design teams to generate a construction plan and procure a general contractor. We had to evaluate the historically successful negotiated guaranteed maximum price (GMP) with the client and revise the project approach to competitively the project to reputable contractors that have not worked with this client. As a result, the new procurement method resulted in nearly $4 million of savings to the project budget.

The project’s completion ran in tandem with the end of VM’s current clinic lease, which minimized operating costs due to existing lease constraints. Our team relocated the existing clinic to the new facility in just one weekend and delivered the project under budget.