The construction industry is known for its physically demanding and high-risk nature. Consistently prioritizing safety measures increases productivity and reduces accidents. At OAC, we firmly believe that one of the most critical strategies for successfully executing your project is focusing closely on the relationship between safety and productivity. We strive to provide the best care and safety for all projects. The outcome: greater production and overall project success.

How do we get there? Below, we break down 3 safety tips that can help mitigate risks for productivity loss.

Planning Ahead

On-the-job accidents are never planned events. They occur unexpectedly and are often due to a lack of planning and preparation. Failing to account for safety during the planning phase can lead to life-altering injuries or death, property damage, unnecessary disruptions, and costly setbacks. A team that plans to execute work safely from the outset is more likely to maintain production throughout the project. What does this look like? By identifying potential hazards and designing work processes that reduce or eliminate risks, you can create a safer working environment.


Employing the correct tools and equipment in the right manner increases productivity and minimizes the chances of injuries. Providing workers with appropriate and quality equipment allows construction teams to optimize their performance and reduce time wasted due to inefficient equipment.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PPE serves as the last line of defense against workplace hazards. Just as a football player equips themselves with the necessary gear to perform on the field, workers also need suitable PPE for many different conditions. Wearing the right PPE, such as vented hard hats, anti-fog safety glasses, and gloves, enhances worker comfort, visibility, and protection. This ultimately boosts productivity, allowing workers to do their jobs more efficiently. Don’t let upfront costs discourage you. While the cost of quality safety gear may be higher than cheaper alternatives, the long-term productivity benefits far outweigh the costs. Accidents result in financial expenses, loss of time, schedule disruptions, property damage, and human suffering. Investing in superior safety gear significantly reduces the likelihood and severity of accidents, safeguarding both workers and the project’s overall productivity.

Safety-Driven Approach

Safety and production are closely intertwined in the construction industry. At OAC, we recognize the vital importance of both. Guided by our dedication to delivering better outcomes, we advocate for making safety a top priority from project inception to create an environment that fosters productivity and innovation. Investing in safety is an investment in the welfare of our workforce, the overall success of the project, and the advancement of the construction industry as a whole.

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