When you step into the Mason Clinic, you’re not just entering a medical facility; you’re immersing yourself in Mason County’s rich history. Large artwork and photography decorate the clinic walls donated by local artists and tribes. As you walk through the hallways that lead patients to exam rooms, referred to as “portals,” each contains historical images from the Mason County Historical Society.

All of this is made possible by the efforts of the Mason General Hospital Foundation (MGHF) Arts Commission. As a chapter of MGHF, the Arts Commission primary purpose is to ensure that the healing environment represents the local area, its community, and its history.

It’s a unique way to pay homage and acknowledge those that came before us that made our success as an organization all possible,” Mason Health’s Chief Development & Communication Officer, Jennifer Capps said.

Each picture within the various portals captures a different story – but it also symbolizes Mason Health’s commitment and understanding of the community it calls home. OAC Project Manager Brent Wilcox worked closely with the MGHF Arts Commission and Mason Health’s leadership team during this entire process, making sure the artwork was aligned with Mason Health’s culture and people.

“The artwork is more than just a piece of art, it’s a commitment to that tribe. It’s a commitment to the community. It showcases the history of Shelton and Mason County. It was one subtle way that we could do more than just create a medical office building, but show that we understand the community that we serve,said Brent Wilcox.

The artwork transforms what can often be seen as a sterile environment, to one that is welcoming, vibrant, and supportive of patient healing.

This is especially evident in one art piece that Mason Health staff helped create themselves. At the bottom of the main stairwell you’re met with a large neon art piece that glows with a lit “M” logo. The “M” is surrounded by words that staff members submitted when asked what Mason Health’s mission, vision, and values meant to them. “Community, connection, love, and family,” are examples of common words shared by staff. The words are printed in the staff’s handwriting, a unique way to showcase the people behind the clinic who are at the heart of it all. The Arts Commission and OAC used the words submitted to create an interactive wall to represent what Mason Health stands for and provide a personal touch. To view the Mason Clinic Guide, and more pictures of the custom art piece, please click here.

“Mason Health is more than just a service provider in the community – we are a member of this community. We are part of the fabric, and we take it very seriously. We want our patients, customers, and staff members to work in an environment that they can be proud of,” said Jen Capps.


Completed in late 2019, Mason Clinic featured the construction of a 60,000-square-foot medical office building (MOB) that would soon become a pillar of the community for its increased accessibility.  In fact, the District celebrated the grand opening of Mason Clinic in February of 2020. The new Medical Office Building strategically brought together multiple clinics and services lines all under one roof that were previously spread-out in multiple buildings. The Hoodsport Primary Care Clinic remains in its original community serving patients and families in the area. This strategic change for Mason Health allowed increased access to medical services for physicians and patients by nearly 50% and created seamless coordination integration for all stakeholders involved.

“The new clinic is important to the community for a couple of reasons: It has brought increased access to medical services to physicians and has created a more cohesive integrated healthcare delivery system. Bringing all clinics under one roof has made the hospital better connected and integrated between both inpatient and ancillary services, and ambulatory care and outpatient clinic setting. It gives patients more of a focal point in terms of where they need to receive care and get the results,” said Mason Health CEO Eric Moll.

One key attribute of this project’s success was building strong partnerships and relationships. Having clear communication channels with the client, architect, and general contractor was necessary in creating a collaborative team environment in which people feel understood and heard.

Eric Moll emphasized the importance of cultivating these relationships, noting that they facilitate more constructive and open dialogues.

“If you have that deeper connection, you can have harder conversations and get to an understanding easier. You communicate more because it reduces any friction and you’re able to get to resolution and compromise faster. That’s probably the most significant benefit of taking the time to build those personal relationships,” he said.

Mason Health’s mission of a united community, empowered people, and exceptional health aligns with OAC’s of improving where people live, work, learn, and play. We’re excited to continue our journey of making better happen with Mason Health.

Learn more about how this project is transforming Mason County here: https://oacsvcs.com/project/mason-health-clinic/

Thank you to our partners: TGB Architects, Skanska USA, PACE, P2S, Wood Harbinger, PCS Structural Solutions, SCJ Alliance, & Cooper Studios.