We’re calling for solidarity and acknowledgment.  

We’re calling for denouncing anti-Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) rhetoric, violence, and racism.  

We’re calling for action to protect and honor our AAPI friends, families, and colleagues 

OAC acknowledges the recent rise in anti-AAPI violence and racism that has risen since the outbreak of COVID-19. We lend our deepest sympathy to any victim and their loved ones that have experienced any form of hate-fueled attacks, harassment, discrimination, and xenophobia during the pandemic and prior, especially with the devasting shooting that took place in Georgia.  

OAC acknowledges the unjust history of systemic racism and discrimination against our AAPI community and will not tolerate any act of racist and discriminatory behaviors– on or off the jobsite.  

To continue our efforts in creating a trusting and inclusive environment for all our employees, partners, and community members, OAC continues its DE&I initiatives with laser focus and urgency of elevating voices of our AAPI and all BIPOC members at our firm. For a review of OAC’s DE&I charter, please go here. 

In addition, we call for all of us to join in resolute solidarity in protecting and honoring our AAPI and all BIPOC communities and having a zero-tolerance commitment to all forms of racism, discrimination, and hateful behaviors.  

We are too great for hate and stand united with our AAPI community!