Responsive design & care

When the coronavirus spread across the globe, communities needed additional resources to assess, treat, and restore the health of COVID-19 patients to slow the spread and move past the outbreak. The novel virus is uncharted territory for most, which raised a lot of questions. How do we create additional care facilities? How will they provide security, sanitation, meet health standards, and provide comfort and care for those in distress?

To slow the spread of COVID-19, King County acted swiftly to develop a response and partner with the OAC team to move fast, adapt to unknowns, and think creatively to react in an unprecedented time of emergency.

Together with King County and partners, we secured Bellevue and Shoreline locations to “design as we go,” in some cases, buildout tent structures in parking lots and sports fields, and renovate existing facilities in the industrial district of Seattle to accommodate beds and medical areas. Each facility was ideated, designed, and built to permit within 2-5 weeks so patients could move in as quickly as possible.