Providing better health and safety

When selected to work on the multi-year, 35.5 million, 46,000-square-feet Canyon Park & Downtown Fire Stations for the City of Bothell, they wanted to rebuild and improve their facility. They needed decontaminated areas for better firefighter health and safety, room for future growth, and to meet requirements for earthquake codes, sprinklers, and alarms.

Driving progress at every step, we helped the City select progressive design-build delivery and had a 4-month vetting period where we selected the designer and builder. Having the teams involved in the early design would increase cost certainty, ensure fire equipment is carefully infused in design, and support overlapping stations to maintain full life-safety operations for Bothell at all times.

On schedule for completion in 2023, our team is working through the validation of budgets and schedules, phasing and cash flow scenarios, design, project, and construction management.