San Diego’s premier technology and life science hub

You heard it here first: San Diego’s latest research center is here and bringing better to the booming life science market. Since 2013, our partnership with BioMed Realty (BMR) has remained stronger than ever. On every project, OAC strives to provide exceptional customer service, and this has proved to be true when managing 100+ projects with BMR. Many of these projects are consist of occupied research buildings that require special attention and detailed coordination to work being performed, with tenants of top of mind.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, OAC was hired on as construction manager for BMR’s APEX project, a 330,000-square-foot core and shell project with a fast-track construction duration of 22 months. This ground-up building consists of a 200,000-square-foot lab and office. With its glass and concrete exterior, the project maximizes daylight and visual connections to the outdoors. Embracing its location, the building connects the canyon’s ecosystem and nature to building users allowing for improved well-being and flexible research.

To mitigate COVID-19 delays, we utilized OAC expert tracking tools and schedule analysis to ensure the project remained on track. Detailed analysis led to early buy-out of key items coming from suppliers out of the state and country. The result? An iconic research center delivered on budget AND on schedule!

*Photo Credit: 2021 BioMed Realty, L.P. All Rights Reserved