Strategic guide for campus infrastructure redevelopment

OAC recently led the development of a new Facilities Master Plan for Harborview Medical Center. The plan is a project of King County’s Harborview Bond Program. As Prime, OAC collaborated and contracted with six consultants and their subconsultants to identify the condition and capacities of existing campus utility infrastructure. The team evaluated various engineered solutions to enable future Bond projects, including re-routing utilities and systems; providing energy usage improvements; and developing redundancy for mission critical systems. The final Facilities Master Plan serves as a strategic guide for the campus infrastructure redevelopment.

The Facilities Master Plan includes a focus on key features that distinguish the environment and goals of Harborview and King County. These goals include, but are not limited to, resiliency; economic, environmental and social sustainability; reducing reliance on fossil fuels; and target LEED Platinum certification for the new Patient Tower, and LEED Gold certification for the renovation of the remainder of the campus.  

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