Better relationships = better outcomes for Torreyana

Building upon our 9+ year relationship with BioMed Realty (BMR), we joined forces to complete the conversion of an 81,000-square-foot office building to labs and life science office spaces. The transformation included exterior repairs and improvements, refinishing a balcony, new landscaping, a new fitness area, electric car charging stations, and updating parking pavement throughout the property. The project features a large living greenery wall that underwent multiple design cycles, greeting tenants as they walk through the building.

Making sure BMR and its’ tenants were happy and comfortable working in their new spaces was top priority. OAC’s life science experts kept strong communication and coordination with all parties to achieve both the client’s and tenants’ overlapping work schedules. We created a bridge between the landlord and tenants, making their jobs easier throughout the project.

This project was primarily completed during COVID-19, creating significant supply chain delays for materials and equipment. OAC used multiple strategies to combat these challenges including expediting techniques, alternative engineering solutions and enlisting diverse contract partner resources. Through OAC’s team leadership, oversight, strategic decision-making, and creative problem solving, we successfully delivered the entire project under budget. Tenants can now enjoy a fully built-out laboratory facility where innovation is born!

*Photo Credit: 2021 BioMed Realty, L.P. All Rights Reserved